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What makes a Car Condominium Different?

What makes our condominium different than all other condominiums is the restriction that the condominium cannot be used as a residence.   These condominiums shall only be used to store the buyers’ belongings. The condominium owner documents signed by all buyers restricts the owners in what activities can occur within the confines of their property.  Storage Condominiums are different from other forms of storage primarily due to the ownership rights and responsibilities of the owner. Other factors that separate this type of storage is that they are heated, have water and sewer and the owners may customize their units to meet their needs. People that purchase our Storage Condominiums are interested in having storage that they own. Purchasers of our condominiums are making an investment in real estate.  Owners may realize tax advantages from owning their condominium. Within the guidelines of the condominium documents, Condominium Owners can customize their units with a Bathroom including a Shower, a loft, an entertainment area, basketball hoop, pool table, shuffleboard, automotive lift, tool benches, collectable storage, recreational vehicle hookups, sound systems, lighting, and more. 

What is against the rules?

Owners may not use their units for commercial enterprises, may not weld, may not paint and may not run unmuffled engines during restricted hours.  Owners may not park cars, trucks or trailers outside for more than 72 hours. Owners are forbidden from collecting rubbish, hazardous materials and environmental hazards.

What you CAN do

You can purchase your Garage Condominium with someone else.  You can purchase your Garage Condominium in the name of a business or limited liability corporation.  You can purchase a Garage Condominium and rent it out. You are able to sublet your Garage Condominium to another entity.  As owner, you remain responsible for the actions of any sublease, guest, visitor or inhabitant so choose carefully with whom you create an agreement.

Accumulating cars, trucks, rv's, motorcycles, bicycles, bourbon, wine, tequila, posters, license plates, photographs, gas pumps, tools, oil cans, model cars, model planes, fishing poles, big game trophies and more.  Your collection is limited only by your imagination.

Our condominium association will have an onsite Club Manager that will keep regular hours and an office in the Clubhouse. The Club Manager will be responsible for comprehensive property management. Duties will include patrolling the site for Bylaws Violations, Security, Grounds Maintenance, Clubhouse Management, Clubhouse Scheduling and more.


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