Horsepower Farms is a unique offering in Real Estate.  This development offers Collector Car, Recreational Vehicle, Trailer, Motorcycle, Boat storage and more.

Have you been spending money on rent leasing additional space for your Collector Car, Recreational Vehicle or Boat? Do you have a home office that is not big enough? Are you renting space for your mobile sales office and storing inventory somewhere else?  Are you tired of cold, featureless storage boxes that offer little protection of your prized possession?

Has your home business grown in size and now occupies more room than you have available? Are you out of space and unable to house additional toys? Are you looking for a special place to display your toys away from bicycles and errant baseballs?  Own! Stop renting space!

Breaking ground April of 2019. We are currently accepting deposits on Garage Condominiums NOW!  Do not delay, Call today - 614-664-7771. We will schedule a meeting and secure your space. Phase I is offering a limited number of spaces so act now.